Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Valentine Gift! FICKLE HEARTS!!!!

Fickle Hearts Valentine Gift

Here's my free Valentine gift for fun! Make sure you rez the physical hearts in a sandbox cuz they are FICKLE!!!

Find them here at my Lotusland Gallery Shop!

Leonie Szczepanski

Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Femme Closing Already!

La Femme Closing

Alas, my friend Lois Milgrove, whose shop La Femme my last posts were about, is closing. As a result, she has slashed her prices down to 25L per dress! Go over there right now and be gluttonous! Lol!
I'm wearing Pink Fuel 50L Skye Milk skin, Fishy Strawberry sweater (sale), GF Flower Pumps, La Femme skirt, Heart Softens Riri and a few other items in my bedroom.

As a result of all these other things I keep finding to do, I feel I set my bar too high and will be breaking one of my own pet SL fashion blogging peeves, which is not posting every single detail of where to find things. I know that so much of what I cover is freely available and probably covered more excitingly that what I do - which is finding cute looks using all the incredible items to be found in SL. Finding these things and doing things while wearing them seems to be more of a focus for me lately. Perhaps this will encourage iming! I dunno. I'll just name off a few things and if you can't find them, IM or note me in world. Let's see how it works. Who knows, it might be less boring for all!?!?!?

In light of that decision, I thought it would also give me the excuse to show random photos of my av wearing the various thing I find, mod or make even, along with my galleries and art and my newest shop: Leonie Textures and Sundries - opening soon!!! without having to spend days and days setting up for the shoot and documenting the whole thing when it's already been documented on the feeds! And you all know that keeping up with just the basic feeds these days is a full time job in and of itself, much less blogging the whole thing!

I believe it was Strawberry Singh who showed shots from the lovely Pixel Bean Coffee Shop sim and so I ended up there last night in layers of things I'd just recently bought or tried on. I also used the sim's windlight settings for something different that my standard "best light" settings so I thought my effect kinda cool.

Pixel Bean

In this lovely spot, I've got on an incongruous fur hat hair gift from 3636, 120L sweater from Pig, an indigo dress from Glad Rags for 5L (whole shop is on sale for 5L and closing at 6am February 17, 2011 SLT) and tinted ring from paper couture and some free nails from RezIpsa Loc. I loved those 50L The Squares Ethel Glasses at TastyBeans and had to have them even though I don't need glasses in Second Life. Oh yes and of course the fantastic group gift skin Eva from Glam Affair - only 30L to join and sooo worth it!

Ciao for now folks!

Leonie Szczepanski aka Leonie Zurakowsky