Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FREE!!!! LEONIE McGillicuddy Diamond Ring


This ring is free today and tomorrow only! Please note that it's mod/trans so you may give it as a gift!

Please come to my party today from 3-5pm SLT!

Music, Light Show, Dancing, Freebies and Cheapies!


Leonie Szczepanski

Monday, May 23, 2011

LEONIE shop Opening & Thar's Gold in Them Thar Pixels

May 22, 2011

Hey All,

How it going?

Everyone is welcome at my LEONIE shop opening party:


*May 24, 2011
*3:00pm-5:00pm SLT
*Lightshow by Dolly aka Maidy Axel: VenuSLights
(may or may not include textures I've made, lol.)
*Music and dancing
*Secretly judged contest: most nicely styled, dancing avatar
will win a 500L gift certificate for my shop or any of my galleries



*June 2, 2011
*3:00pm-5:00pm SLT
*"Thar's Gold in Them Thar Pixels" show opening party
*Meet & greet
*Music & dancing
*Judged contest for the best dancer in gold 500L gift certificate as well
(Check my Profile Picks if you wish to see the other spots ahead of time)

*Lightshow to be confirmed

Fun for everyone, hehe!
Please feel free to pass this notice along to your friends and groups.

Love to see you there,

Leonie Szczepanski

PS Don't forget all the freebies and cheapies!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NEW LOCATION: New Ring Sets from LEONIE & Four New Dollarbies!

LEONIE - my new shop location!

Check out these new rings! Each kind has one dollarbie to find amongst the vendors!

Leonie Laura Rings
Leonie Laura Rings Fat Pack by Leonie22
Leonie Laura Rings Fat Pack, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
The fat pack contains 10 gold rings for 800L, each with a different stone. One ring is just 120L.Check the vendors to see which one is just 1L!

Leonie Aurora Rings
LTS Aurora Rings Fat Pack by Leonie22
LTS Aurora Rings Fat Pack, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
14 cabochon cut gems in both gold and silver rose settings for 800L For 140L you get one colour of stone in two settings, one silver and one gold. All of the stones are unique.

There is a 1L two pack ring set amongst these displays!

Leonie Antonella Rings

Leonie Antonella Rings Fat Pack by Leonie22
Leonie Antonella Rings Fat Pack, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
The fat pack is 600L, with each ring sold @ 120L. With such a simple setting, both men and women can wear them.

Hover over the vendors to find the 1L ring.

Leonie Lotus Rings

Leonie Lotus Rings Fat Pack by Leonie22
Leonie Lotus Rings Fat Pack, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.
Seven lotus flowers and parts in gold rings for 700L.Rings also sold separately at 120L each.

One of these rings is 1L! Hover over the vendors to find out which one.

Leonie Szczepanski

Saturday, May 14, 2011

White Panties FREE!!!

White Panties FREE!!!

While tidying up my new shop, I found these panties had been left behind!

And guess what, they fit!!! LOL!

You can find this free pair of prim panties hidden there again. They are FULL PERMS for fun! Inside you'll find another pair that might fit (!) as well as a silly gesture!

Check it!


You can also find the bracelet on the inside table for 50L, the rings for 120L (and there are 4 rings to find in the vendors for 1L each!).

The ShakeItBlouse is 10L at SG Designs and the nails are the Baby Monkey Glossies for 50L.

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Friday, May 13, 2011

NEW LOCATION - Free Moustaches!!!!

Leonie Party Moustaches & Fangs
Hey Folks,
Mustaches (or ok, MOUSTACHES!) and old fangs are free at my new shop! 


Leonie Szczepanski

Leonie Squiddity Tentacles

Leonie Squiddity Tentacles

Yay!!! My shop has reopened at last!!!

I shortened the name to just LEONIE or LEONIE (on the beach). It's on a great sim and yes I do have my own water even thought it's just a tiny bit at the moment.

I woke up one morning at my previous sim and look what came to greet me! Three adorable tentacles in three cool colours (more colours maybe soon?)!!!

At only 70L, you can afford to populate your water too. They each have one or two sits in them and are fully modifiable so you can put in your own poses if you like.

There are also two new sets of furniture which I hope to photograph soon. Almost all the pieces are under 100L! All pieces are copy and mod. In most cases you buy the object itself and simply change the
"When left clicked" option to Touch/grab. There are one or two poses in each piece of furniture as well and these are set to work with your own AO.

Please look at the previous posts on my blog to see what else you can find here (to be updated asap). There are quite a number of freebies and cheapies. There are FOUR dollarbie rings to find! New things will be arriving frequently and I plan to post them here as well.

Everyone welcome though this is a "Mature" sim, whatever that means - it's a limit and I'm sorry about that. Private viewings may be available for those who cannot tp to Mature land.

There will be an official opening party soon, likely later this month. We'll have a live DJ (SiselyBella Riggles, famous DJ at Club Onyx [owner of The SL Toolbox Chicks blog of course), dancing and a live light show done by the amazing Maidy aka Dolly of VenuSLights. No doubt I'll whip up a contest too!

All my public locations in Second Life are listed near the top right of my blog. They all have cheapies and/or freebies to be found. I'm also now listed in SL Search and in the SL Classifieds as LEONIE.

I even have four paintings up at Culture Shock with 50% of the sale going to Doctors Without Borders!

Also the art folks on the grid have been more than generous towards me and there have been a few more people finding me since I've had the show at the Pixel 2 Pixel Gallery so I have two upcoming shows around June 1 and July 1 as well as my official opening at Art Boulevard in August.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope to see you soon!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip to Thassa with Maidy (aka Dolly)

Thassa - my wild hummingbird
Welcome to a little view of Thassa, an amazing Gorean sim! I was introduced to this sim when I was a box noob, eons ago!

Here's where you land after a lengthy rainy journey on a sailing ship. (Hint: click on the lifeboat to get to this beach.)

What a gorgeous place to explore with your pals and there are many cool poses for you and your significant other.

Look, so lucky to catch this sweet bird near my av.

Thassa - Dolly aka Maidyuk Axel
Dolly - just standing around looking dollish!

(Actually kinda pissed off cuz she'd tried to drive the boat like 10 times and yet only I was able to drive it! She knows I'm not the world's greatest captain!)

Thassa - Tai Chi
Dolly and I squeezed in a little Tai Chi. When you find these balls, hop on for another little touring surprise here in Thassa.

Thassa - one of many boats
Here's Dolly and I taking advantage of the romantic pose on one of the several kinds of vessels you can ride and/or rez in Thassa.

Thassa - Cleopatra? LOL!
I could be Cleo if I didn't have to do the rowing myself! Hehe.

Thassa - dancing
Here's just one of many dance animations you will find scattered around the beautiful spots of Thassa!

Dolly is wearing a recent skin free from Arata Shouten and a dress of her own making to arrive soon at her shop Maidy's Emporium.

I'm wearing an old Curio skin hunt gift (Belle), Kosh lipstick, Indyra Nikka dress and jacket (from current pink sale 130L), Posh Push and Shove hair (former sale), The Abyss Oxide dirty ballet shoes 200L, glow Bitterness earrings in gold - former TDR.

Take a relaxing holiday soon! Make sure to join the group though so you don't get captured by marauding Goreans!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

MOI!!! @ Culture Shock!!!!

MOI!!! @ Culture Shock!!!!

Happy News!

Just at the last possible moment I was able to connect with Chic Management about the wall art I was supposed to hang here! And YAY! It's hanging on four corners on one of the fanciest junctions at the Culture Shock Venue!

There are four pieces, all black on transparent, making them ideal as tattoos for your walls at home or in your shop. They are copiable and modifiable. Each one is 200L with 100L of each purchase going towards Médicines Sans Frontières [Doctors Without Borders].

I was also lucky enough to get a bit of a preview and I'm telling you, the place is a knock-out!

Be sure to deprim and take off all scripts before you tp in tomorrow!

(BTW I'm wearing the free Sasha LB hair from Silenced and the latest gift dress from Mashooka! I couldn't resist using the new poses from Magnifique Poses to show off the new diamond ring I made, soon to be available in my new shop!)


Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2