Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip to Thassa with Maidy (aka Dolly)

Thassa - my wild hummingbird
Welcome to a little view of Thassa, an amazing Gorean sim! I was introduced to this sim when I was a box noob, eons ago!

Here's where you land after a lengthy rainy journey on a sailing ship. (Hint: click on the lifeboat to get to this beach.)

What a gorgeous place to explore with your pals and there are many cool poses for you and your significant other.

Look, so lucky to catch this sweet bird near my av.

Thassa - Dolly aka Maidyuk Axel
Dolly - just standing around looking dollish!

(Actually kinda pissed off cuz she'd tried to drive the boat like 10 times and yet only I was able to drive it! She knows I'm not the world's greatest captain!)

Thassa - Tai Chi
Dolly and I squeezed in a little Tai Chi. When you find these balls, hop on for another little touring surprise here in Thassa.

Thassa - one of many boats
Here's Dolly and I taking advantage of the romantic pose on one of the several kinds of vessels you can ride and/or rez in Thassa.

Thassa - Cleopatra? LOL!
I could be Cleo if I didn't have to do the rowing myself! Hehe.

Thassa - dancing
Here's just one of many dance animations you will find scattered around the beautiful spots of Thassa!

Dolly is wearing a recent skin free from Arata Shouten and a dress of her own making to arrive soon at her shop Maidy's Emporium.

I'm wearing an old Curio skin hunt gift (Belle), Kosh lipstick, Indyra Nikka dress and jacket (from current pink sale 130L), Posh Push and Shove hair (former sale), The Abyss Oxide dirty ballet shoes 200L, glow Bitterness earrings in gold - former TDR.

Take a relaxing holiday soon! Make sure to join the group though so you don't get captured by marauding Goreans!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2

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