Saturday, December 31, 2011



Happy New Year's 2012 and Beyond!!!! From ME!!!

The free hat is from [dirty.little.secret].

Some specials I forgot to post! Only 50L for either two emerald Aurora rings or two ruby Aurora rings!!!!
LTS Aurora Emerald Display 50L special
LTS Aurora Ruby 50L special

The free ring and painting are still available too!

LEONIE (on the beach)


Leonie Szczepanski aka Zurakowsky
Lotusland Notes V.2

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Occupy! and lovely free gifts!

Ran across this on a political newsletter I get...Leonard Cohen, some may know is a Canadian musician.  I didn't know that he had composed this song until now and it totally ROCKS!!! :D

Rock on USA, all the OCCUPIES, the WORLD, the UNIVERSE! Wonderful things are coming!

Curio and D!va

New Curio or :GP: Angel Holiday Skin gift - Moonbeam Light FREE in notices of Gala & Rita Designs, FREE to join for a short time only

""D!va""  more than 25000 group member celebration  gift Marie Hair Type B Rhodolite FREE in store

**Cheap Makeup** GIFT* Babysitters Club Lashes - former gift

KMADD Christmas Gift ~ Unisex MADesigns EYES_INDIVIDUAL - albino FREE

[AdN] XMAS 4 SPECIAL FROZEN RED coat, jeans and red Ugg-type boots FREE

Thanks so much to these amazing creators!!!

Shape by me
Earrings by me - LEONIE Sisely Red Diamond Earrings only 69L

Thanks for viewing!
Leonie Szczepanski aka Zurakowsky

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011 Gift

Christmas 2011 Gift by Leonie22
Christmas 2011 Gift, a photo by Leonie22 on Flickr.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BUKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose!!!

Hey All My Friends!

How about all the amazing stuff that's appeared in the shops these days! WOW!!! Not to mention the abundance of free and cheap things...I'm sorry that so many of them are a result of shop closings.

In other GREAT NEWS: the Phoenix Viewer folks have come out with two new viewers recently - at last the 'final' non-beta version of Firestorm has arrived and I've installed it with little fuss except I can't stop my avatar's arm from going up when I right click - sheesh that looks so dorky! Yes, I've asked in the Phoenix-Firestorm group and haven't got an answer That group is as BIGGER and BUSIER than ever!

Also the upgraded Phoenix viewer with mesh accessibility has been released.

The best thing I've noticed so far on the new Firestorm-Release v3.2.2.24336 are the new functions in the camera window! WOW!!! I took these photos just yesterday and they are possibly the best quality I've ever taken in SL! Well...IMHO!!! LOL! I used my graphics editor ONLY for resizing and adding the signature - NO OTHER POST-PROCESSING! I really hope this will help to encourage folks to make and post ONLY their very best images without ANY JAGGIES!!!

I used to click on prims and click edit in order to do stop-motion photos but now that process is built in with Freeze Frame. I've always preferred to use my avatar's movements rather than static poses and wear an AO for photo sessions. Now you can just hit Freeze Frame as often as you like and freeze each tiny movement - then you can STILL cam around and get the best zoom and angle for the shot! I love it! There is also a little quality slider in the window which I set to the highest and then it disappeared! Hm...

BUKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 01

BuKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 04

BuKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 06

BuKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 03Levitation!

BuKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 05

BuKKA, MOJO and Indie Rose 02


~MOJO Maraia Christmas Skin - FREE
~LEONIE Shape - custom by me
~LoQ Tiramisu Jet Black - former TDR special 70L
(available in store for regular price)
~Cheap Make-up Babysitters Club Lashes (former freebie). Now in 35L gatcha or 320L fat pack
~.ID. Colors of Fall Brown Eyes - Seasons Hunt Fall - formerly free(currently there is an eye 6-pack available for FREE)
~*CandyDoll* Pale Skin Burner Tattoo layer - FREE
~[mock] Cosmetics- Mizu Gloss: Lusty red rose Veronique - former freebie
(There are also three free skin burners available and all of her testers contain FREE useable demos now! However I'm very sad that she has made her group a pay group now - it's 250L to join.)
~N-core Manicure (color-change prim nails) 200L. I bought these by 'accident' when looking at the contents (right after I got the wonderful new FREE group gift of brown ankle boots. The group is currently FREE to join) and they are some of the best I've seen in SL!
~[BUKKA]Fur coat ::bage & brown:: Lucky-box - FREE
~[BUKKA]Heel Boots ::ivory:: lucky-box - FREE
~*INDIE ROSE*~ Happy Holidays 2 Leggins red - 1L (3 colours)
~*INDIE ROSE*~ Vintage 50s Party Dress {Yellow} - 110L (closing sale, everything discounted)
~{ Rangs } IS BACK!!! Curves Ring Orange 69L
~Klamotte - Loose Socks - red - 1L (modified)
~D-Style - 11 free Shawls orange (tinted)
~Oracul AO Maidenly 300L

Location: secret squat of one of my alts!
Backgrounds: Halloween House - formerly free from Sway's Halloween Hunt; one of my new paintings called "Dierdre's Evening Locale 18 - not yet posted anywhere else
Windlight: ElysiumEilde - GreySkyMoon
Font: Sachiko - FREE on the net somewhere

Thanks for viewing!

Leonie Szczepanski
Lotusland Notes V.2